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Professional Business Referrals

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We’re connecting UK business owners to likeminded professionals.

Experienced professionals bringing our legal, valuations, HR, insurance and accountancy partners into your business network.

Professional Business Referrals

Connections to lawyers, licensed professionals, valuers, accountants, bookkeepers and support services. Each of our partners are capable of managing your growing needs as a business owner.

Legal and Licensed Services

Looking for someone responsive, sympathetic and driven to achieve the best possible outcome?

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Accountancy and Bookkeeping

Outgrown your current relationship or just feeling like you are no longer important to their business?

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Insurance and HR Support

Want to protect what you have built with your business and hear your options for cover against the unknown?

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Asset or Business Valuations

Want to understand the market value of your business or assets with one point of contact throughout the process?

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Business Connections Services

Why are Business Connections important when managing a business?

You cannot be everything to everyone:

Chances are, within your business, you are the person that knows everything, or at least something, about everything.

As you get busier, your time and energy needs to be invested elsewhere. Knowing when to get help or support from a specialist is a key tool for you in freeing time and getting quick and professional results when it matters.

They bring fresh business expertise:

Being close to a subject can make it hard to see the wood from the trees when you are working within your business. Sometimes you can end up doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The right connection, brings a fresh outlook to what you are doing. They see improvements or options, which you hadn’t considered. Their help can make the seemingly impossible, possible.

You add value to your business:

When legal, HR, insurance or accounting issues occur, there can be pressure to respond in a controlled manner, without making the problem worse.

Having specialist connections for your business, means you and your team have someone you know to ask when you need help. Their service of quickly resolving your issue, means your business continues as normal.

Why Work With Us

Solve your business problems with our expertise.

Fast-track your plans using our knowledge of business financing and experience of working with owner-managed businesses formed within the last 6 years.

Qualified finance specialists

Our work is based upon practical experience, backed by regulated financial qualifications.

Independent and family owned

Free from any referral networks or lender schemes, our team can say what works best for you. 

Your business finance solution

Helping you to plan, refine and deliver business finance with a strategy which works for you.

What our clients say.


“The service you provided was outstanding, really appreciate how you and Marc helped me through the process. 

If I need any help in future, I will definitely use Accountancy Bridge.”

Courier Company Director

Harrow, South East, UK

“Did it all for me!”

“I didn’t need to introduce myself or explain my whole business to the lenders when using Accountancy Bridge as you’ve got the relationships with them and did it all for me.”

Haulage Company Director

Birmingham, Midlands, UK

"Incredibly useful"

“Accountancy Bridge took the time to understand our business and as a consequence made an incredibly useful introduction to a specialist HR Consultancy who had the skills and expertise to help us deliver the development plan for our London office.”

Professional Services Partner

Central London, UK

Accountancy Bridge

Our team

Our experienced team help you develop and execute a clear and strategic business financing roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to your business goals.

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Let us help you grow or develop your business

Make things happen faster. Accountancy Bridge are your one point of contact for business finance.

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