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Fast track your plans with the right financing behind you.

Specialist in-house support with financing your increasing sales, new contracts or orders, reinvestment strategies and business expansion. 

Widening your perspective

When it comes to financing your business, the story is all about you, your judgement and what you want to achieve with your time.

Coming from a background of working within large, independent lenders, we have a good feel for how the systems work and for the people involved within each stage of the process. We apply this knowledge to your applications for finance and to your strategy planning as part of our services.

We dispel any financing myths and assumptions and help you manage through the stages of change which you will encounter along your business journey. Our work changes lives and fortunes, which is why our team members are all independently qualified in their field.

If you would like to know more about us, please connect with our team on LinkedIn or learn more about our individual services on the ‘Find out more’ links which are on each of our service links below.

Business Financing Services

Arranging your finance, being in your corner and helping you to plan ahead. Each of our services is designed with your needs as a business owner in mind.

Arranging New Financing

With cash as the lifeblood of your business, why pick a lender and end up hoping for the best?

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Sense Check Lender Offers

Had an offer from your bank or lender and want a qualified and independent opinion without the sales pitch?

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Repair or Replace Facilities

Spending more time thinking about your current finance facility than actually running your business?

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Your Financing Options

Want to understand the likely costs, benefits and impact to your business of different types of finance?

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Business Financing Services

Why use Business Finance for your business?

Your own money only takes you so far:

Cash in your bank can work harder and smarter for you, than cash tied up in vehicles, invoices, property or machinery. It can be used for deposits, supplier discounts and new or temporary staff.

Finance costs your business money, but it opens options to you for making the most of what you already have by taking your cash further.

Achieve your plans quicker:

When it comes to buying assets like machinery and vehicles for a business, or financing invoices, you’re looking at how the business can use the cash to make more money.

By seeing your cash, invoices, vehicles or machinery as business assets, you are looking into your business strategy and starting to think how to get where you want to be, quicker.

It builds confidence within your business:

When you have cash to play with, staff sense your confidence. You are empowered and make decisions based upon your long term goals. Your suppliers relax and you win work on margins you deserve and low value work is happily left for your competitors.

Confidence comes from having security and knowing where you stand and your lender should have this same level of confidence in you.

Why Work With Us

Solve your business problems with our expertise.

Fast-track your plans using our knowledge of business financing and experience of working with owner-managed businesses formed within the last 6 years.

Qualified finance specialists

Our work is based upon practical experience, backed by regulated financial qualifications.

Independent and family owned

Free from any referral networks or lender schemes, our team can say what works best for you. 

Your business finance solution

Helping you to plan, refine and deliver business finance with a strategy which works for you.

Accountancy Bridge

Our team

Our experienced team help you develop and execute a clear and strategic business financing roadmap with priorities that are closely linked to your business goals.

What our clients say.


“The service you provided was outstanding, really appreciate how you and Marc helped me through the process. 

If I need any help in future, I will definitely use Accountancy Bridge.”

Courier Company Director

Harrow, South East, UK

“Did it all for me!”

“I didn’t need to introduce myself or explain my whole business to the lenders when using Accountancy Bridge as you’ve got the relationships with them and did it all for me.”

Haulage Company Director

Birmingham, Midlands, UK

"Incredibly useful"

“Accountancy Bridge took the time to understand our business and as a consequence made an incredibly useful introduction to a specialist HR Consultancy who had the skills and expertise to help us deliver the development plan for our London office.”

Professional Services Partner

Central London, UK


Frequently asked questions

Who are Accountancy Bridge and how do you work?

Accountancy Bridge are management consultants with a specialism in business financing. We believe we are unique in combining over a decade of successful lending experience with a high level of commercial finance qualification.

We work by delivering consultancy and credit broking services at a level which you should expect from any qualified accounting professional. Our aim is to help and add value to you, the business owner, so that you are free to make the most of your business opportunities with minimal distractions or limitations.

Why do I need Accountancy Bridge?

You need Accountancy Bridge if you have a plan for where you want your business to be and value help with getting there quicker. You can always take the long road around, learning new skills and testing your abilities along the way.

If you would rather not do this, and prefer to specialise in what you set out to do, we can save your time, energy, sanity and focus by giving your a shorter and more direct path to your goals.

At what point should I contact Accountancy Bridge?

If you are thinking about finance, a lender or a business challenge which you just cannot get around, then that is when to contact us. It is never too early to take advantage of our free consultation, as this is exactly why it is there.

We get to learn a little about you and your business, and you benefit from guidance or a balanced sounding board for your ideas.

How do I get started with Accountancy Bridge?

Getting started is as easy as requesting a free consultation or picking up the phone to our team.

We ask our clients to complete a simple application form and provide copies of personal ID. This protects both us and you, as the business owner, by making sure that the business enquiry has come from the person we think we are speaking to.

How do Accountancy Bridge charge for their services?

Services such as Arranging New Business Finance are paid for by the lender. Other forms of Business Financing and our Consultancy services are charged on a fixed fee basis.

Within our services, we include ample time for you to ask questions on phone calls or email as we appreciate that it may all be new to you and items may need explaining as we go along.

All work will be quoted and accepted by you, before we move any service forwards.

What questions will the team at Accountancy Bridge ask me?

Most of the information which we require will come from your application form.

We will want to know a summary about you and your business, and what you would like to achieve.

This story is personal to each client and further questions will naturally happen as the conversation flows and develops.

What information do I need to provide to Accountancy Bridge?

Most of the information which we require will be sent to you, along with your application form.

We will ask for supporting financial information such as bank statements and latest business accounts if they are available.

If you would like us to arrange a copy of any information from your accountant, once you have given them consent to do so, we are happy to work alongside with their team as part of our service.

How secure is my sensitive business information with Accountancy Bridge?

We take security very seriously. Our team know that a simple conversation, for example, can leak sensitive information to competitors or undermine your whole business standing within your market.

Company reports such as customer lists are things which should be controlled and not sent without thought for their use.

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