Review offers from lenders


Review finance offers from lenders
First offer, best offer? Terms fair and reflective of your business and personal circumstances? We look at your deal and what the market can offer. Put the process behind you and say “no” with confidence to the next broker that calls to find an edge.

Review offers from lenders


What it does:

  • Sense check lender terms and explore their key conditions with you.
  • Gives you a deeper understanding of the true costs of the financing, in pounds and pence.
  • Flags any potential operating issues to you, which the lender may have with your existing processes.
  • Provides you with the option of a ‘Plan B’ should your chosen lender not meet your expectations.

Perfect for:

  • Quick access to a named professional who is qualified to provide feedback on the terms and key conditions of lending.
  • Building relationships with a lender by making sure that you ask the right questions to assure yourself that the deal works for you.
  • Making sure that you understand and can meet the conditions of lending from day one.

What it includes:

  • up to one hour of admin/phone time with a qualified advisor.
  • A report written for you personally and posted for your attention.
  • Fixed fee of £195, payable upon order.


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