Arranging finance (qualified advisor)


Arranging Finance: Qualified advisor

Bring a dedicated Accountancy Bridge advisor into your corner to manage the process with a lender, whilst you get on with managing your own business.

Arranging finance (qualified advisor)


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What it does:

  • Introduce you only to suitable lenders after providing them with your story and information
  • Sense check lender terms and explore their key conditions with you.
  • Gives you a deeper understanding of the true costs of financing, in pounds and pence.
  • Monitors progress with the lender and flags any delays as soon as they occur.
  • Provides you with the option of a ‘Plan B’ should your chosen lender not meet your expectations.

Perfect for:

  • Quick access to a named professional who is qualified to provide feedback on their terms and the key conditions of lending.
  • Building relationships with a lender by making sure that your information is presented in the best possible light.
  • When you are busy and want easy access to a named professional to quickly answer any queries.
  • Making sure that you understand and can meet the conditions of lending from day one.

What it includes:

  • Up to three hours of admin/phone time with a qualified advisor.
  • A report written for you personally and posted for your attention.
  • Fees paid by lender through our commercial Credit Broking agreements with them.


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