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Accountancy teams who offer tax planning, audits and services to manage business assets in annual accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit does an accountant bring to my business?

As a key supplier to your business, your relationship with your accountant will give you access to their specialist experience and advice on tax and business accounting. Our accountancy partners are qualified professionals who love what they do and want to share their knowledge with you. This helps you with basic accounting of your business assets and making sure your bills and business revenue are in the right categories in your business accounts or tax returns. In our opinion, they are the biggest asset your business can have, outside of your customer relationships and stock.

Does my accountant need to be local to my business?

If you’re getting good advice on what you might need in future and your calls and emails returned in good time, having to travel an extra half an hour might be a small concession when it comes to working with a good accountant. With technology bridging many gaps, video calls and systems are now online so you’ll usually be meeting once a year to talk in more detail with your accountant. If you need more visits, then travel up to an hour is common from our experience.

What will it cost my business to have an accountant?

Costs of accountants vary depending upon the level of service offered and the age of the practice you are using. As an example, a younger and more proactive accountant will offer your business greater value and likely be more responsive and forward thinking than an older accountant who is near retirement and has a lot of clients to manage. We help you consider what your business needs and is likely to need before we introduce you to your new accountant. Many of our accountants offer fixed monthly fees to help you manage the cost as your business grows and your needs develop.

Am I getting poor service from my current accountant?

Waiting days for a call back or an email to be answered means you’re not closing things off and are distracted within your business. Missing out on advice that could save your business paying additional tax or claiming concessions for PAYE is a hidden cost that is holding your business back. A good accountant will be using their experience to think ahead of what your business will need in future and telling you ahead of time. If your accountant does not feel like a key staff member and if you are reading this, you already have a good reason as to why you should make the switch.

Is it easy to switch accountant?

Yes, once you’ve made the decision it is much like switching banks or changing any other supplier. Staying in a relationship which isn’t working is not good for anyone, especially when it’s costing your business money. Once you’re comfortable that the new accountant is better for your business, let them know you want to switch. The new accountant will ask you to email your old accountant and they will then arrange to transfer the paperwork between them, without you needing to do anything.  

How long does it take to switch accountants?

Changing accountant is an uncomplicated process, much like changing banks. Many fear upsetting their old accountant and so stay where they are rather than look for another company to meet and exceed their needs. After you have spoken to your new accountant, the process happens as quickly as one week or can happen when you are ready. There is no pressure as your accountant is an important relationship which needs time to develop. If your business is busy, we can make the introduction and book a meeting for later in the month. It’s up to you as to how quickly you want it to happen.

What will my new accountant need?

Your new accountant will need to speak to you and make sure they can meet and exceed your needs both now and in the future. They will also need to check your identity as the owner(s) or directors of the business. This is usually done by providing a copy of your passport or driving licence.

What do I tell my old accountant?

You can speak to your old account in person or over the phone or even email them to let them know that you are changing provider. Many clients send an email to confirm that they are leaving and moving to a new accountant. This email is enough to give notice and allow your old accountant to provide information to the new accountant as part of the handover process.

How do I know this accountant will be better?

Having already used an accountant and realised that your business needs a higher level of service, you will already be wiser in what to look for. With our help and support you will be confident that the new accountant which we introduce you to will be working hard for your business. Should they fail to perform for any reason, we are on hand to help get the relationship back on track.

What do you need from me to switch accountants?

All we need is a phone call or email to let us know that you are ready to speak to a more suitable accountant. There are no forms to complete and once we have spoken to you, we will have a good feel for which accountant is best placed to help you develop your business and manage your tax affairs efficiently.

Why is your service free to my business?

As a business, we find and quickly resolve common operational or financial problems within small and medium sized UK businesses. Our work means we get to work alongside good accountants already. These accountants help their clients to grow by providing comprehensive advice on all aspects of business as part of their service. Our own job is made easier when our clients have a great accountant by their side to provide us with accurate business information and reports. By providing a free service of finding a new accountant, we know clients will return to us for help in future with arranging finance or helping their business to develop even further.

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