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Our Vision and Mission

We started in 2020 with a vision. Recognising that the pandemic was going to create a unique series of challenges for UK businesses, our Director formed Accountancy Bridge to offer straight talking, responsive and results driven consultancy services to small and medium sized businesses and their accountants.

Our Mission

Our Mission

I believe that at the heart of any business decision making process, should be purpose, specialist insight and quality management tools. Together with the relationship fundamentals of trust, honesty and respect, we are empowered to become more together, than we once were.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To expand the boundaries of SME business owner and manager thinking regarding business strategy.

Established since

Years helping SME's

Independent qualifications


Professional partners

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Leveraging our experience and expertise.

Drive the business forward with accurate management information along with the right people and systems around you to make it all happen.

How relevant is your business degree?

We have a business degree which is a BA (Hons) Business & Management. This is a degree which prepares you for business leadership, project management and business advisory roles. The course teaches you to consider both the organisation and the individuals within it. The degree challenges you to problem solve by thinking in new ways, working with others and by carrying out your own research. This is all relevant to our work within your business where we must solve your problems, work with your team and work independently as your consultant.


What professional qualifications do you hold?

We hold Level 5 in Commercial and Corporate Lending (CCL) and Level 3 in SME Lending and Alternative Data (CSME). These are equivalent to accountancy qualifications, yet in a specialist area which isn’t generally covered. We have distinctions in each qualification which prepares us to focus upon completing specific tasks for a business to put the right structures or training in place for a business to really succeed. We sound like accountants, although rather than doing anything like tax advice or HMRC compliance, we specialise in project work in place of a long-term Financial Director, which is usually not yet needed full-time by our client.

What hands-on experience do you have?

Before starting the business, we worked face-to-face with business owners and managers to arrange lending for their businesses. We really understand people and how businesses and systems work as professionals. We have produced long and complicated business reports under pressure and navigated legal processes to get the deals over the line for the client. We know the importance of attention to details and being upfront and honest with clients about what is possible and the timescales. We know what to do to get a job finished and never walk away if the going gets tough or there is an unforeseen twist in the tale. Starting a business means our clients come back to us, and not our employer.

Our Managing Director

Marc takes complex business strategy and makes it work for the small and medium family run business of today.

Marc Hirst BA(Hons) CSME CCL

Owner managed

Director level consultant, with no junior staff slowing us down

True specialists

Qualified in Commercial and Corporate Lending (CCL)

What makes us different

No agendas

Pay us for what you need us to do and get what you pay for

One solution

Consultancy which grows with you and your business needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check our frequently asked questions, or get in touch and ask us anything over the phone or through email.

Accountancy Bridge are specialist business and financial consultants who help managers and directors to work through their decisions and create options through either periods of growth, change or uncertainty.

“We are the Mary Poppins of the accountancy world. We drop into a business, work out what needs doing and then get it all done whilst the leaders are busy in their day jobs. The result is a stronger, more efficient business with a relaxed and happier management team.”

We can start within a few days where needed, although most projects will start within a couple of weeks in practice.

As a small business, our director discusses your business with you and explores the most cost-effective and efficient way of working with you. This is either face to face, video call or telephone.

After speaking, you have a timescale for completion of the work your business needs for you to manage it effectively. In our experience, there is no time saved by rushing into anything, without fully understanding what needs to be done.

Our director worked with thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes since 2008. We audited businesses, wrote credit papers for lenders and visited countless business premises over this time.

In 2020, we qualified professionally as a financial specialist. The high level of specialist qualification, brings a unique mix of experience and knowledge to the market through our services.

Before any work or project is agreed, we make sure we are ont he same page with what we see as the desired end result.

Should we feel uncomfortable working with a client, or we do not believe that the desired result is achievable, we will decline to issue proposals.

In the unlikely event of a change in circumstances for any unforseen reason, we aim to resolve any external issues with our professional support.

We have time available for a free 30 minute consultation most days, regardless of whether you are a new client or an existing client returning with a new project.

Within a few clicks, this is booked and confirmed directly into the diary.

Yes, we have clients who choose to retain our involvement in their business. We become a sounding board for their ideas or a trusted consultant who gives a frank opinion when it is needed. We have accountancy practices and other professional partners, who outsource specialist work to us on either their own behalf or that of their clients.

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