The Big Question...

“What makes me more than just another finance broker?”

I completed professional study on how banks and other financial institutions view risk, manage portfolios and respond to clients. I use this to help manage your expectations so you don’t waste your time and energy on something which is likely to fail or just go around in circles with questions from the lender.

I understand complex lending structures and security and how a business works. I quickly grasp the dynamic within your business and see the interplay between your team. I use this to adapt my style to work alongside you and develop the best of everyone in the long-term.

I understand change brings concerns and fears and that cash is a highly emotive subject and a precious resource. I talk to you like I talk to myself, and I explain things like I understand it myself. I am technical and have a point of view, which I am open to share when asked.

I care about my clients, and have a great bond on many levels with them. They feel that they can trust me and I reward their faith with my actions. I never give the impression that I have any “off-the-record“ advice or short-cuts as this ultimately demeans me and implies there are short-cuts to be found.

I spent time qualifying to a high level in business financing, I have a business degree, Professional Indemnity Insurance and am a member of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, completing 35 hours of CPD a year and numerous Anti-Money Laundering and GDPR courses. I have also completed my application to the FCA for Credit Broking and Debt Adjusting and Debt Consolidation permissions on which I am awaiting final approval. I cannot invest any more to show clients and their accountants that I plan to have long term relationships locally and regionally. I offer the best and honest, hard-working service to my clients and yours, that I can do, without disappearing into “corporate jargon” land.

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Business Consultancy

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Keep your customers and staff happy with a fully-financed business.

You may think you know all about how to finance your individual business. That is probably right, if you only stick to what you already know or have been told.

I quickly solve questions which you will have on your journey, such as what is a good finance offer? What size facility do we actually need? Do I need to pay for a survey? Is this Personal Guarantee fair and reasonable? Do we really need a charge on our house, there must be alternatives?

Within Accountancy Bridge, I live and breathe business finance. I talk to business owners, accountants, solicitors, sales people and anyone looking for business finance of any kind.

Finance is my business and my market. I speak to lenders on a personal level, not just banks, but independent lenders who have to work hard for their business too. 

What you get with me and my business, is a qualified and considered professional who also has to work hard for each new relationship and isn’t affraid to chase things up or put in the hours to get you the result you need, when you need it.

Our Team


dialto: 07523 170 520I currently spin all of the plates within the business, until a time when our client base can support a full time Sales Administrator. On this day, I will happily free myself from many of the administrative routines which I established within the business to allow it to scale and support a wider range of clients.

I lead all client and partner relationships and connect with both through cold calling. This isn’t like telesales, for me. It is like having 30 short meetings a day, if you can imagine that.

I have a diverse background, having worked as a temporary staff member in well over 30 businesses in my teens and early 20’s. I’ve seen the inside workings of the logistics, manufacturing, public service, banking, finance, recruitment and retail sectors. I’ve done filing, picking, packaging, photocopying and all the jobs people don’t expect when I turn up in a suit for business.

My passions are business systems, staff dynamics, competitive positioning of businesses and talking about what I do as a business. I always aim to help educate people who run a business on their options for growth or consolidation, depending upon their circumstances. As circumstances are always changing in business, having that personal relationship with my clients means I know their goals and fears and can help guide them quickly, and in a way which works for them.

Before forming Accountancy Bridge, I resigned from a perfectly good job with company car and expenses. I was a successful technical sales rep’ for independent lenders and specialised in the hard world of financing construction and contracting businesses.

I hear a lot, that I am suprisingly human for a finance guy. Meetings tend to go on longer, as the client is happy to have someone to really learn from and talk to about things that have been on their mind. I am never going to replace an accountant, and have no intention of ever being one. Whilst I understand accounts, ratios and business structures from my qualifications, my specialism is commercial and corporate finance. 

My love is helping the smaller business owner to achieve great things by setting them free from mental restrictions which they have formed from poor experiences of financing in the past or sad stories around the market.

Aside from being a small business owner, I set myself out from the market by being qualified to Level 5 in Commercial & Corporate Lending (CCL). This qualification focuses upon the risks and practicalities of lending to small and medium UK businesses. I approach this discipline from a non-bank perspective, which means I tell clients what they need to do in plain English, rather than leave anyone in any doubt.

My goal with Accountancy Bridge is to translate the business financing world into something which UK business owners can use to make more money, protect their investments and control and understand their business risks. 

I believe that most of our UK business owners will not get another chance like they have had, to borrow again in this post COVID world. We should therefore support them with the financing advice which they need in order to make informed decisions, quickly.

More personally, I enjoy going out to see people and exploring, whether that is a golf course, road cycling or spending time with my two children on days out.

If you have a quick question, please message me on 07523 170 520 or go all the way and make the call and run anything past me which has been on your mind.

Getting started is easy

Whatever you have in mind, I know what is possible, the total costs, the common pitfalls and the realistic timescales.

Complete your application and I will call and walk you through any processes.


Frequently asked questions

Who are Accountancy Bridge and how do you work?

Accountancy Bridge are management consultants with a specialism in business financing. We believe we are unique in combining over a decade of successful lending experience with a high level of commercial finance qualification.

We work by delivering consultancy and credit broking services at a level which you should expect from any qualified accounting professional. Our aim is to help and add value to you, the business owner, so that you are free to make the most of your business opportunities with minimal distractions or limitations.

Why do I need Accountancy Bridge?

You need Accountancy Bridge if you have a plan for where you want your business to be and value help with getting there quicker. You can always take the long road around, learning new skills and testing your abilities along the way.

If you would rather not do this, and prefer to specialise in what you set out to do, we can save your time, energy, sanity and focus by giving your a shorter and more direct path to your goals.

At what point should I contact Accountancy Bridge?

If you are thinking about finance, a lender or a business challenge which you just cannot get around, then that is when to contact us. It is never too early to take advantage of our free consultation, as this is exactly why it is there.

We get to learn a little about you and your business, and you benefit from guidance or a balanced sounding board for your ideas.

How do I get started with Accountancy Bridge?

Getting started is as easy as requesting a free consultation or picking up the phone to our team.

We ask our clients to complete a simple application form and provide copies of personal ID. This protects both us and you, as the business owner, by making sure that the business enquiry has come from the person we think we are speaking to.

How do Accountancy Bridge charge for their services?

Services such as Arranging New Business Finance are paid for by the lender. Other forms of Business Financing and our Consultancy services are charged on a fixed fee basis.

Within our services, we include ample time for you to ask questions on phone calls or email as we appreciate that it may all be new to you and items may need explaining as we go along.

All work will be quoted and accepted by you, before we move any service forwards.

What questions will the team at Accountancy Bridge ask me?

Most of the information which we require will come from your application form.

We will want to know a summary about you and your business, and what you would like to achieve.

This story is personal to each client and further questions will naturally happen as the conversation flows and develops.

What information do I need to provide to Accountancy Bridge?

Most of the information which we require will be sent to you, along with your application form.

We will ask for supporting financial information such as bank statements and latest business accounts if they are available.

If you would like us to arrange a copy of any information from your accountant, once you have given them consent to do so, we are happy to work alongside with their team as part of our service.

How secure is my sensitive business information with Accountancy Bridge?

We take security very seriously. Our team know that a simple conversation, for example, can leak sensitive information to competitors or undermine your whole business standing within your market.

Company reports such as customer lists are things which should be controlled and not sent without thought for their use.

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