Bridging Gaps

Qualified specialists who review business cash flows, processes and any finance arrangements.

With our credit brokerage, we arrange and manage finance for UK businesses of all sizes.

About Us

We are independent business finance advisors. We work as a commercial credit broker when arranging finance for UK business clients.

Hands-on and responsive, we offer Services to UK businesses which meet todays needs. If a service isn't listed on our website, we can adapt one to meet the needs of the client.


As an independent business, we value each of our clients and what they bring to our growing practice. We know all too well, that making recommendations carries a burden of responsibility.

For this reason, we keep the person making the client referral in the loop. This could be email updates or talking them through the live client process as training. By the end, the client will understand what they have bought and how it will fit within their operation.

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Business Leader?

Engage with a qualified Accountancy Bridge advisor and meet with them each month, for as long as you need their support.

They can help with common challenges such as producing cash flow forecasts or structuring and managing refinancing.

This Service is ideal for bringing clarity and control to a business operation.

What our clients say

"Good morning,

The service you provided was outstanding, really appreciate how you and Marc helped me through the process. If I need any help in future, I will definitely use Accountancy Bridge.

Take care and have a lovely day."
Courier company - London
"You know what finance is available to my business, which lenders to go to and you translate all of their gobbledygook.

"I didn't need to introduce myself or explain my whole business to the lenders when using Accountancy Bridge as you've got the relationships with them and did it all for me."
Haulage Company - Midlands

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